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Finally revealed the name of the baby Ferragnez


It’s now -almost- the end of the second pregnancy for the most famous Italian influencer, Chiara Ferragni. The Ferragnez are waiting with impatience their daughter, who should be born in March. But beyond the sex, the images of the ultrasound scans which testify an undeniable resemblance with Leone (a.k.a. Leoncino) and the followers’ and family’s desire to meet her, nothing has been said. Especially about what her name is going to be.
So, in front of the images of the baby bump caressed by Fedez, it’s inevitable to do a guessing-name game of the future social media princess. 



And among the possibilities, the most popular ones are:

Luce, like the tattoo that the Cremona blogger has impressed from 2010 on the rib cage but of which she never revealed the real meaning. Moreover, it’s going to be a L squared, after the little brother Leo. In addition to representing a bright glimmer following the absurd situation dictated by Covid-19.

. “Her name said tonight is already bringing fear. She’s going to be different, bright like a star. She’s going to be a little you.” On the notes of Lucio Dalla, she would pay homage to the tenacity and determination of mum Chiara, as well as continuing the musical trend of Fede.

, just like the beloved grandmother, passed away last year.

Ginevra, Virginia, Lavinia or Vittoria
. This time the inspiration would come from the classicisms that the young influencer loves so much. And here the link would be will little Matilda, the bulldog that from more than 10 years doesn’t abandon her.

And again the brilliant Athena, who in addition to being a warrior goddess is also a representative of a humanism linked to philosophy, literature and art. A name whose responsibility is that of the most beautiful of wishes.

And what if it was Leone himself who inspired mum and dad on how to name the new baby girl? It would then be Nahla, the protagonist of the cartoon of the same name, the favourite of the most loved blonde curls of the web. The meanings behind it would all be equally noble: a successful woman and queen, as well as being a tribute to her older brother.

And what if the name would be somehow linked to the little ones of her friends -who are also pregnant- Martina Maccherone and Pardis Zarei?


Let’s #keepintouch and who knows, maybe the couple will share some “hints” to the future name of the baby girl. Or, as declared on Instagram stories, will she be able to keep the secret even after some days after she’s born, just like the Royals did?