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Personality’s treasure chest: the perfume

Whether it's citrusy, spicy, woody or with sweetish notes, it doesn't matter. What is certain is that the female universe could never give up its perfume. It’s identifying, punctual, and it announces us even before our figure is revealed.

So there they are, the thousand and more bottles with almost futuristic designs, precious chests that embellish a cosmetics department already overflowing with unspeakable amounts of make-up. 

But you know, if we could we would also take interminable baths in the perfumes, and we would drink those perfumes instead of the most famous sparkling champagnes.

Speaking of my favorite ones, I can’t fail to mention Xerjoff, in which the notes of bergamot and mandarin inebriate the senses. Or again the mysticism of Oud Imperial by Perris Montecarlo, or the refinement of Baccarat Rouge 540

I also deeply love those perfumes that recall specific parts of the world. They look like photographs of sensations. And the thought immediately goes to Simone Andreoli's Fico Nero di Sardegna: a triumph of Italian spirit.

Or what do you think of the essences "of him" on our skin? I find them uplifting. Like Mancera's Red Tobacco which, with its tobacco, incense and fruit, describes a strong personality. Speaking of exalted femininity… Have you ever tried Robert Piguet's Fracas? I would describe it like this: sensual embrace between classic femininity and provocation.

And among my essentials, there’s Lacrima by Liquides Imaginaires with its immense emotional power. Through which "magic potions" do you tell your identity?