About Sales 2021 – Teen Idol

About Sales 2021

Hi girlz, how are you in these last days of June? 

The heat that is accompanying us in these hours reminds me every day of the desire for holidays, the sea and… sales! It’s that period of the year when interesting deals are made between multi-brand stores, boutiques and more. Especially in the summer, in my opinion you can always have a lot of fun "going bargain hunting" because of the colors, the designs of the garments, their variety. And what are you going to buy at midnight on July 3rd? In addition to having already programmed several alarms to remind me that the first days of next month deserve a red circle on the calendar (as it’s done only with the most important dates), I have already compiled my very personal list. And the purchases that I decided to make with the sales are motivated by two reasons: either they are an essential bargain or they are that garment or accessory so bold or particular that otherwise 

I am not sure I would buy. In addition to the turquoise Teen Idol outfit consisting of skirt and jacket (perfect also for next autumn) and the irreverent Kronos cyclists, for some time now in my wishlist there are the Zimmermann ethnic print shirt also worn by De Lellis and the straw bag by Daria Beach Bag shot by the beautiful Pardis Zarei-Pappas. As for footwear, Janka Polianni convinced me with the wonderful sandals with fringes by A.W.A.K.E. MODE (also perfect with the suit). Finally, for accessories I think I will opt for the Danish Anpè Atelier Copenhagen: I love their bright colors and such new shapes. And what about you? Based on what will you decide whether to buy with the sales or not? 

We’ll see you among the various online boutiques friends ;)