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A lifetime would not be enough to visit the city of angels


We will be back (also) to travel soon. It will be so beautiful and so full of life that we won’t even realize how much we wanted to regain the year put on stand by.

In the meantime, to fill this suspended period and optimize the few moments that we’ll have available for wish lists and to dos, I’m going to suggest you a list of essentials in my beloved city of angels.

Los Angeles, or simply LA as we Americans call it, is among every star’s favorite destinations. Maybe it’s because of its pleasant climate throughout the year, for its being engaging, panoramic or curious. But, at least once in your life, you need to have fun wandering around by car or on foot and get lost in its renowned neighborhoods.

And the magical La La Land transformed the city into the film's open-air set. It’s because Los Angeles has this ability, that of intertwining with the stories... of movies, fashion, art. Each of which is influenced by its suggestions.

And if New York is the sister series, that of the starred restaurants, of the formal, of Wall Street; LA is the cool, irreverent one. LA is Beverly Hills, palm trees, the beach and sports, but also fashion and art. Here everything is experience. Fashion becomes a creative experience, art becomes immersive, views, food and perfumes are all sensory experiences.


In this way, the most interesting exhibitions are located in the creative center in Downtown, frequented by emerging and also more established names. The fashionistas don’t give up on their dates at Kreation Organic Cafè and on the way to the city they stop at Cafe Gratitude where they can enjoy an excellent vegan lunch or at E.Baldi so that they won’t miss a bit of Italian style.


And the places in Los Angeles to photograph and take with you are endless: starting from the yellow mural of Venice Beach, to the Santa Monica Ferris wheel, to the full pink wall at 8221 Melrose Ave up to the made in LA wall. Shopping is no exception, in which vintage unmissable places like Resurrection or The way wore alternate with locations where you can find unusual looks like Wasteland and The ruby ​​LA. Also, in Pasadena, every second Sunday of the month, the Rose Bowl market takes place where you can find antiques and relics of all kinds.


In the daily frenzy of the Californian city, a moment of relaxation at 1279 Westwood Blv at Aqua Thai Spa and a yoga session in Beverly Hills at Alo yoga are definitely essential. 


Los Angeles is also chosen as a more or less definitive destination by many well-known faces. Chiara Ferragni moved here for a while too. Elisabetta Canalis has decided to follow the love of her husband and here she dedicates herself to an entrepreneurial activity of her own. Thus Tiziano Ferro and the young actress Matilda Lutz.



Believe me, the sweet and lively air that you will breathe here is incomparable. A succession of worlds a few kilometers away that, probably, not even in a lifetime we would all be able to live.



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