After the New York fashion shows, it's time for Milan’s ones. – Teen Idol

After the New York fashion shows, it's time for Milan’s ones.

The capital of Italian fashion is finally back with in attendance’s shows and, this year more than ever, I feel the adrenaline all over my body. Going back to watching fashion shows in person is a fabulous emotion. In fact, from Tuesday September 21st until the 27th, the streets of Milan will be repopulated with presentations, catwalks and exclusive parties by invitation only. Obviously, being surrounded us Teens by many friends of fashion we will not miss practically any of these. Very skilled in the game of Tetris we will be able to "divide" as we should. But the usual -fashion- drama is… what do we wear? As I had already told you among my cult pieces of Teen Idol, for the events of Ferrari and Tory Burch I’ll wear the transparencies of Betty and Leon in the “sparkling more” total look. And at Furla and Michael Kors I would like to wear only the Joi dress. You know, I love these events not only because they do allow you to see friends and make new acquaintances but they anticipate trends and trends that will be the “never without” in the coming months. And if in the evening I’ll be sparkling, for the Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Blumarine fashion shows I think I will opt for the Holden leggings with my latest Amina Muaddi or for the flames of Lewis. However, I must be absolutely identifiable especially by you my dear girlz. And please, stop me for a greeting and some chat when you see me running from one end of Milan to the other! 

A hug to all of you!