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It Bags Spring-Summer 2021

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Welcome to the new Teen Idol blog page where you’ll find the coolest and most fashionable trends of the moment. It’s me talking, since as you all probably know, february it’s my month, but wait an you’ll see!

As months go by there will be many different take over and you’ll read about many point of view, fashion trends and passions according to the other month’s dolls.

Lots of fun to come!

Today we’ll be talking about Spring/Summer 2021 most wanted it bags, perfect for every occasion and on point to match with our magical fluffy and colorful collection! Get ready to dream and warm up your credit cards! It’s time to swipe!

If you are among those who are used to put in their bag an incredible amount of things, from useful to totally un-useful things, stop and stare. In this ss21 season you’ll definetly need to prioritize. This season it bags infact, are all very different one to another but everyone of them is from medium to small size.

Let’s divide the 12 bags I choose according to style, dimension and occasion and let’s deep dive into every different style!

AAA Night Out Bag needed

If you want to be ready for that incredible moment in which we will be able to spend nigths out again dancing with our friends until the sun comes up, you’d better read very carefully this first section of the article!

Talking about unique, elegant and incredibly one-of-a-kind bags, we can not refrain from listing the Fendi’s nano baguette charm bag all made with soft pink cristals. Reference of style with its iconic FF magnetic botton closure, this bag is also very comfortable thanks to its cross body golden shoulder belt. Just perfect to dance all night long!

If you are more of a whimsical girl, you don’t have to worry at all. Jeffrey Levinson’s rainbow clutch is all you need to make sure your outfit will be remembered.

Just in case you are more of a luxe girl, or you don’t actually like shoulder bags and clutches, Prada’s Vela mini leather-trimmed crystal-embellished nylon tote is what you need to make your outfit perfect. Otherwise, if you are a bold pink addict and need something strong to make you outfit unforgettable, your choice should definetly be The Attico, with its mini Pouch Wynona bag.

Last but not least, for you girls that are classy and hoplessly romantic, the perfect match is and will always be the Sequins & Gold-Tone Metal Multicolor Flap Bag by Chanel. Higly suggested to those of you who want their style to stand from the crowd.






@AAA Little Everyday Bag needed

As we all know, every occasion is a perfect occasion to dress up and impress your friends and colleagues! Here follows a bunch of it bags perfect to style your everyday look.

If you are an eclectic girl who likes to match different styles and brands, the pastel leather pink City Nano bag from Balenciaga is all you need to own.

But if you are a fan of pastel colors, incredibly up to date this season, and you’d love more of a linear design, the Staud Scotty agave croc embossed bag it’s the accessory you can’t miss. A good alternative to this last one is Bottega Veneta’s mini twist in nappa violet leather.

For all the classy girls from the nineties out there who like to have a glimps of coolness to enrich their outfit of the day, the must have of the season is the Doraemon for Gucci shoulder bag!




AAA Medium Everyday Bag needed

If you need a little more space for your everyday adventures and if you are a fan of crazy and unique objects, this chapter is made for you!

Bright and bold colors aren’t made for every personality! But if you have a strong one, be ready to dream!

You can pump your day with the Eèra Moonbag purple satin clutch which will be the envy of all those around you.

Or you can just choose to be yourself to the fullest wearing the incredible shearling fluffy mini bag by Ashley Williams, which is the boldest but coolest choice for sure. If you like more of a classic design but you want it to be enriched with a rare color, a bold green Mini Jodie bag by Bottega Veneta is what your choice should be. It’s the perfect fusion between classy and crazyness.



AAA Out of The Box Bag needed

Whoever said glitters are made only for nights out, never knew Alexander Wang. The Attica Rhinestone mini Fanny Pack is a piece every girl should own as an out of the box choice!

Lastly, perfect to carry tiny things around, the Tubici yellow necklace bag is the accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd.



Hoping you enjoyed the article and the ss21 it bags list, you can scroll the gallery to see how everyone of these bags is just the perfect match to our new Teen Idol Collection!